Wednesday, April 30, 2008


My kids talk about death all the time. All the time.

Paris: Mom are you afraid to die?
Me: Um, no, but I don't want to. I don't want to leave you guys.
Paris: Ok, when I see a shooting star I run and get you and we can wish on it together that we will never be grandmas.
grandmas die.

Last night at the Hope for America Concert a 91 yr old lady danced and she GOT DOWN. At the end of her dance she did the splits! I was laughing so hard. It was awesome.
Enjoy this video:


Colett Yarro said...

My kids went through a "death phase" too but I just thought it was because we live sorta near a cemetary. That video is the best, Matt and I debated if those two are realy old or if there is some CGI going on? I love Coldplay!

Cammie said...

So funny. . .and what about those costumes? creepy.

I think she really is old because of her posture and bone structure.

charles said...

oh gosh. that [paris' comment] is so funny and sad at the same time!

Remember when Emilia always talked about death?

Bridget said...

That video is scary-the guys pants are so sexy yucky. And all the kids have talked about death. Paris is obsessed about it at the moment- I am glad Emilia is not anymore.

Midge said...

That video is the best. Not only do I totally remember that show Attitudes (what an 80's title) but it totally threw me off being a Coldplay video. Thanks for posting it.

Suzy said...

Yikes on that video!! But thanks for sharing!!