Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An Ending

Tomorrow I graduate. Monday we leave sunny Glasgow. It is hard to leave. Glasgow has been amazing. It has treated my kids wonderfully. The Scots are fantastic. Absolutely no regrets. one bag pipper. 3 drummers. all in kilts. perfect combination.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

all is well, all is well.

Three weeks to the day that she got sick, she is home and playing, making up for lost time. She is extra excited that she won't be going back to school for a few more days because that means she gets one-on-one time with Grandma.

Here are a few photos from my walks through the Kelvingrove park- it can be sunny in Glasgow.

Also, it is official- we are moving to San Francisco. UC Hastings is where I'll be spending the next (and final) year of law school.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

"It will be fine, it will be fine..."

I have a brilliant friend from school who always uses this phrase. And for her it always is- even when she parties the nights away and says she doesn't study...

Paris, so we thought, had the dreaded Glasgow 'vomiting bug'. When she lost a ton of weight and wasn't getting any better we took her to the doctor who then said she might have a bladder infection, he prescribed antibiotics (the first prescription I filled for any of my kids- an indication of how worried we were) and we took her on a road trip with the advice that she would get better fast... she didn't improve and we cut the trip short. We visited the doctor again and she was admitted to the Royal Children's Hospital and was diagnosed with appendicitis. Apparently it has burst/leaked over a week before- she was put under and had surgery to drain what her body made to encapsulate the toxins... they say she should have her appendix removed in 6-8 weeks. Worst case the doctor said I would HAVE to change my tickets to the States! That was Thursday...this was taken Friday, there is a smile- it quickly faded, but there it is!

Today she had a bath was detached from her ivac thing and got a sponge bath and put on normal clothes. She still has the drain tube coming from her stomach and she still gets antibiotics intravenously a few times a day and she still has the iv's in her little arm, but today she walked around and played with her visitors for a bit.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Isle of Skye

It is as beautiful as they say. The drive was exquisit- minus the kids fighting. Carpets of bluebells, waterfalls, and green. So much green. We drove past so many lochs. To Skye we took the ferry. Returning we drove over the bridge. It is so beautiful.