Monday, November 17, 2008

A Day Out

School is going good. I have less than 3 weeks left of the semester and then it is exam time. I am keeping up with everything so it should not be too difficult? I am still liking all my classes and maybe even like contract law the best? My mom has fantasies of me making millions doing international "corporation stuff" and I just roll my eyes, but I do like contracts... Only when the kids are fighting or screaming do I get panic attacks and think what the ?@%$#*! am I doing.

We took a day trip to New Lanark, a World Heritage site, about an hour outside of Glasgow- so so beautiful. We hiked to a waterfall and visited the wool mill factory town.

Five kids is not too bad!

Cammie had her baby and we got Soren for the day.

Richard shaved- I think he looks soooo great! He is trying to snarl for the camera.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Seeing Pounds

I love pounds- not the few extra that make me womanly, but the little, smaller than a quarter, gold coins that we use here as currency. I love that they are heavy in my purse and that they jingle in my pocket. I love that they are so easy to spend and get back. I trade a funny bill and get groceries and lots of lovely gold coins in return. The smallest denomination in a bill is a fiver (a five pound note). There is a 2 pound coin, but it isn't as common. So every time I buy something I use lots of coins. I love them. A pound can buy a kilo of bananas, or 5 big tangerines, a cupa tea or black coffee, 2 packs of gum or a box of fabulous chocolate digestive biscuits. A pound can get me to school on the bus. I have made it a point to not think that a kilo of pasta here is a pound and is 69 cents for a pound of pasta in the states- that means that pasta here is like three times more! But still I love pounds. Someday I would love to not have any extra pounds on my person, but then I really love the chocolate digestive biscuits.
Here are a few pictures:
Being American and playing baseball in the park
The kids had three first days of school- this isn't one of them, but it is what they may have looked like on their third first day of school...
Richard left the house today with just one pound coin and came home with nine... it is magic!