Thursday, November 18, 2010

Farmers Market affair

I just can't quit you.

I have to go- every opportunity I can.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Remember Remember...

the 5th of November. We did remember and celebrated UK style with a bonfire. We even had an official Scotsman present. Next year I'll have the kids make an effigy, but it was still fun and mello. Bonfire night. Guy Fawkes. And at times the biggest bonfire on the beach! Thank you Karen and Dan.

We also remembered to scrape the pumpkins when we carved them. We now 4 gallon sized bags of luscious, orange pumpkin flesh. I have used 2 bags so far in chicken and pumpkin enchiladas, pumpkin and sweet corn enchiladas, mexican rice with pumpkin, pumpkin soup, and brownies with pumpkin and pecans. Oh yeah- Paris' chocolate birthday cake had pumpkin in it too.

The fruit and veg at the farmers market has definitely become autumnal:

And best of all the weather remains to impress me.