Tuesday, July 21, 2009


No summer is complete without a camp out. I love to camp. I grew up camping with my dad and sister Cammie. While the kids were finishing up school and I was trying to play the uke, every day was cold, windy and cloudy. I need sun. I love the sun. So after searching for deals, I booked a "free" flight to Sardinia. I didn't want it to cost a fortune- the hotels weren't being compliant, so Cammie came over and practised her Italian and made a few phone calls for me about getting camp spaces. The first phone call was a wrong number- it should have been a camping place but was a residence. What did Cammie do? She didn't hang up like I might have. She asked the guy where a good camping place was. He asked his friend and then recommended a place. We googled it and then called- the place didn't have a website, but the camp manager sounded really nice on the phone and said there were always spaces for tents- no reservations needed or taken!. That was enough for me. I found a tent and sleeping bags super cheap and best of all they fit in our carry-on bags! I took Atlas and Emilia and for 5 blissful, warm and quiet days (I don't speak Italian) we camped on the beach. The camp place was great- low key with families and couples and grandparents and we were the only Americans- maybe in all of Sardinia. Atlas was thrilled to see wild flamingos. The water was crystal clear and snorkelling great. We got a little too much sun and the ground was hard but it was just perfect.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

family vacation

To say that we are geographically challenged might be a bit of an understatement. When we got off the plane in Beauvais the sun was shining and it was so warm. Deliciously warm. Our apartment for the week was up 108 steps (the Sacre Coeur is up 211 steps). It was at the top of a 5 story building and we climbed them at least once a day- sometimes 2 or 3 times. We showed our kids such a good time that they all agreed that they would like Paris to be their next home!

I have been to Paris many times. I stayed outside the city for a few months and took the train in almost every day, but this trip was the first time I saw the Moulin Rouge and took a ride on the Batteau Mouche.

From bike riding (the Velib is awesome and so simple to use), to rowing boats, swimming in fountains and pony riding, we absolutely love Paris. Richard is already checking out Masters of International Law Programs in France for me...