Monday, September 22, 2008

I do believe in Faeries, I do...

O.K. i don't really, but don't tell Paris. I can almost believe in gnomes though. Can't you see one sitting on top of this and smoking a pipe?

Ok, I never knew that mushrooms like this were real. I have a few clay ones with a gnome sitting on top that I put in my garden. I always thought that red mushrooms with polka dots were just in faery tales. These mushrooms are real. I have heard that there are blue ones too? Cammie found the amazing red one.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Home Sweet, Home

Our front doorOutside of buildingLobby stairs up to our flatMain hallBoys' room
Girls' room
Second hall
Second bathroom
master bedroom
living room

laundry room
So we have moved-in... Richard hasn't seen it yet. My favorite things about the flat are the wood floors and the high ceilings. Atlas thinks that they are 20ft, but I think more like 15ft. The kids keep telling me that they love it better than our Provo house!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Green, Green and Greener

Scotland is green. Glasgow is green. The grass is so very green and there are no sprinklers. It rains almost every day. The trees are green, the walls are green with moss and even on a cloudy day- most of our days so far, the gray clouds have a green tinge to it. It is a feast for the eyes, especially for a girl coming from the desert.
We move into our flat on Wednesday and the kids start school on Wednesday. My orientation to the Law degree is tomorrow. Yes, I have finished my two books and have since read even more just to be prepared. And yes, all are invited to came for a visit. I am excited. Walking on campus is a dream. I feel younger- and at the university everything seems possible! Of course my classes haven't started... I don't even mind the rain. My hair is wavy and might even be called a "wee bit" curly. The kids' school is darling and super close to our flat. With my three little ones the total enrollment for the school will be 75. Each kid will be in a combined class with a grade higher. I can't even imagine such a small school! Atlas is going to a secondary school and he is stoked. He wants us to stay for 4 years so that he can graduate when he is 16 and have a Masters degree by the time he is 20! We will see... The "castle" in the back is part of my university. p.s. I'll post pictures and tell all about the flat when we move in!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

we have arrived...

No photos yet, but we are adjusting to the time change. The kids were great on the flights- they were all so excited to be traveling and going to Europe. It has rained every day, but we are enjoying it. Soren has been teaching Paris that it is ok to jump into puddles and get wet. He is overwhelmed by all his cousins. The three oldest are his personal slaves. Only Paris could care less and of course he only wants Paris to hold his hand.

We have found a flat. So we will soon be able to entertain... Anyone for a trip to Scotland- Glasgow? Now I just need to get the kids into school as THEY ARE DRIVING ME NUTS. Arr.