Tuesday, December 22, 2009

White Christmas

It snows in Glasgow. Properly. This year we are going to have a white Christmas! We didn't bring gloves or snow pants or snow boots nor drive a 4x4 but we love it! The kids have made snowmen and have begged to go outside to play in the garden. There are impromptu snowball fights everywhere and with anyone. One must always be on guard! Glasgow is lovely in the sun but spectacular in the snow. Today as I picked up the kids from their last day of school, all the parents commented on the bright smiles of the kids as they burst through the doors. And it was not because of it being the last day of school. Our usually laborious walk home was playful and fun. The ice is treacherous, but the snow is great!

And so far my flight is not cancelled!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Staying home for New Years?

About 2 months ago I booked a flight for me to go to San Diego over New Years to attend my dad's wedding. He was planning on getting married earlier but because of my complaints of not being able to attend mid-semester, he pushed it back so I could be there. Well, I booked my tickets through British Airways... They are striking from the 22 of December to the 2 January. My tickets are for 29 December to 5 January. My dad's wedding is the 2 January. I can't go!!! I am so, so sad!

Any time I am done with school I help out at the kids' school- Tuesday I went with Emilia's class as they sang carols in the city center.

I love hearing songs with the Scottish accent. At 18 sec. listen for "pur" Rudolph. We have a running list of words that are pronounced very different (really funny- another post).

Life never slows down... I guess I don't let it! Seriously every day this week there has been something and I am still having to write an essay over the holidays. Since I can't say no to help out at school or let the house get too messy as it really is too small already and I am finding it difficult to even want to buy stuff for the kids (for Christmas) that we will have to take home and airline baggage allowances have changed since we first came here (now we are allotted one bag instead of two- yes, such a horrible run-on sentence). So what can I let go? Cooking! This new fancy/gourmet grocery store came to the neighborhood... I am having a lovely delivery Friday evening... minimal cooking for me until someone else wants to contribute...

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Time is passing way too fast. The kids are getting older: Atlas will be a teenager in a few weeks... can I really have a teenager? In trying to be 'on the ball', Rich and I bought the kids' advent calendars a few weeks early. I put them on top of the fridge and promptly two fell in between the wall and some panelling. There was no way to get to them.... Richard came up with the idea to fish them out after attempting to unscrew the sub-wall and moving the fridge... Thank you Grandpa Frank for ensuring that we have a fishing rod and that my kids can fish!

It worked!

I went to London for a quick trip to a Human Rights Seminar with another girl from my class. We took an overnight bus there and back! I'll never take the bus to London again, but had a fun time! Before the seminar we did a bit of shopping and site seeing. I like London! I Love London! Maybe some day could live in London...

When I got back it was rainy, no surprise, but the day next there was a lovely rainbow.

This morning we got our Christmas tree and the kids decorated it. I love that they have taken over! I know that one day I'll get to be in charge again, but for now am loving the break!

Exams this week... pressure. stress. very deep breathes. and yes: I chose this. I know! I know! xxx ♥