Monday, May 9, 2011


How desperate am I? How over it all am I? One hundred per cent! My last exam is tomorrow- a statutory class. It is an open book exam and I just sold my textbook. So um... I don't have my book to bring in to help me out tomorrow. I had to sell it because today is the last day I could and I just hate when the bookstore won't buy back the bloody book. I was solicited by Amazon and so I am taking the offer. It expires today. So that is it. Not really, I can borrow a book from a fellow student who is taking the exam a day late due to conflicting exams. It is a little funny and sad... but I get a good credit with Amazon! which is really all that counts- ya know degree that costs too much and a silly book that in comparison doesn't.

On a different note- the weather here has been amazing. For an entire week! I even got a hurtful burn on each shoulder when I just had to sit in the sun and study. Through the pain I was so glad that it was sunny.