Friday, August 26, 2011

job hunting

Hunting- yeah I guess that is the right name for it. You really have to search and persevere and be discriminate? However, I am applying to just about everything I am remotely qualified for. The other day in an interview in response to a valid question I gave this valid response: size doesn't matter. I thought about what I had just said while looking the interviewer in the eye and didn't laugh or turn bright red. I took a breath and then qualified the statement by saying that big companies and small companies bla bla- as long as it is a good company...

Another blunder was in answering the phone. I was expecting a call from a friend that I hadn't spoken to in years. I answered the phone with a very friendly and expectant hello. There was an unexpected pause. It wasn't my friend but an employment agency in response to receiving my resume.

I am learning. I now answer my phone much differently no matter who is calling.

And I have been cooking, baking, making and mixing. I am sprouting seeds and beans too. It is getting obnoxious. Someone please hire me before I bake and cook us out of the house. hortachata
basil pesto
super thick and creamy yogurt and whey
the beloved hummus

Bread, cakes, cookies, yogurt, cheese, soups and stews, pestos (yes plural- basil and cilantro), horchata, and hummus. The other day I went to my regular supplier from Israel and he is on vacation. I just had to get my fix so I had to give hummus another go at making it myself- safeway and TJ's just doesn't cut it. I read about 10 different recipes and made the best hummus ever. Tahini, garlic, parsley and freshly cooked chickpeas. Warm cooking water, salt and a bit of olive oil. All of the kids loved it. Even the silly ones who didn't like it before.