Monday, May 18, 2009


There are lots of things that I want for my kids and it changes as they grow. One milestone is that of my kids when they turn 5. I want them to be able to ride a bike, tie their shoes and wipe their bum. Well, my youngest is half past 5 and a few weekends ago she got bike riding under her belt. She is the only one that I have taught to ride. I have always provided the equipment and given them a few encouraging pushes or steadied them and then the siblings or neighbor kids did the rest. It was lovely. Here we are in the city, live on a hill and have no neighbor kids. As Paris was past ready, I finally took it upon myself to introduce her to balancing and riding. It was awful. She screamed, cried and even threw her bike down - all on the sidewalk in a lovely Park and in front of expensive flats and I am sure that I looked like a child abuser. I didn't yell, but I did make her stay get back on when she pushed it over! By the end of the hour we called dad and brothers to watch. I am glad that once a person learns to ride he never forgets! And now she rides to school which makes the "walk" so much faster and has been asking to ride a bigger bike! (this really is a video, but it would NOT load and I was ready to throw my computer, but alas I did not and I am hating apple and NO video...)

School is out for me (the kids in 6 weeks)- exams are over and now the fun begins! This is why we are here- to see Europe or at least the UK! Our next getaway is N.Ireland for a long weekend (there are a few in the next month) in a 2 hundred year old cottage on the beach. We are taking a ferry... I am told it may rain the entire time. Glorious green, emerald island. (I really hope it is sunny)