Monday, October 27, 2008

Dublin, Dad and a Birthday!

Richard finally made it to Scotland- for the first time ever. We met in Dublin and had a great weekend. The kids are so very glad to have him back! I am too... My load is a bit lessened. Paris turned 5 yesterday! I really find it so hard to believe the fast passage of time. I can't believe that my youngest is 5. 5 is so much older sounding than 4. 5 is a little girl- 4 just a toddler. Paris was insistent on decorating her cake and that it be 5 layers. I cheated a bit with a 3 layer mini cake at the top- her piece, but it fit the bill. 5 layers and she put in the candles and flowers. I flavored the cake with cardamon- it was very subtle and in the frosting I added rose water. Just a little and it was very strong. All the kids liked it but I thought it much better today! It needed some time to mellow. In storage I have a nice collection of cake stands- here a plate that doesn't quite fit the cake!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A funny thing happened...

As the kids and I were walking to school the other day I was thinking of all the people that I see everyday on our way- the old man with a turban, the little boy with the big bun on the top of his head, the couple who walk their 2 dogs, the dog group, and thinking of how beautiful it all is. We had just about left the park when some one yelled to me, interrupting my thoughts, "Did you sleep in yesterday?" I turned to look and there were 3 ladies sitting in a stairwell of a building. They were watching for us and I had never even noticed them! The day before we had been running- literally- late! But I hadn't slept in..

My latest dilemma has been food related. When I first got here I was over tired and stressed. I cannot eat when stressed. I thought that there was no way a person could gain weight walking uphill to and from school- walking everywhere. Now that I have more things figured out- we have a flat and the kids are in school, I am so much more relaxed and comfortable. How can I say no to fudge cake and to not try the different sponges and puddings- sweet and savory and when I walk past Greak bakeries and French bakeries and Middle Eastern shops I need to try it all... Especially when my sister bakes a great Chocolate cake and my mom brings home eclairs and scones. Even the grocery stores are enticing. Here in the UK the food standard is higher. Most products do not have artificial colors and flavors or preservatives- I would never eat a "fake" or store bought cake in the states. I have bought a few here... and here I don't even bake them- I don't need to! It is a great thing that I have to walk everywhere- even uphill to school and uphill back. Yet I am still baking- zucchini bread and gingerbread- and because pumpkin puree is not available for cheap in a can, I baked my own little pumpkin, made a puree with it and made a great loaf!And because it has been so long since I have posted and may be longer until I post again... I am going to Dublin this weekend to meet Rich- ALONE and bring him home, and papers to write and books to read and presentations to give and demanding kids... a visual to the phrase "poop head":

Thursday, October 2, 2008

From Sunglasses to Umbrella and back again and again...

Winston Churchill was reported to have said of the 6 weeks that he spend in Edinburgh, "It only rained twice. One time for 4 weeks and another for 2"- last week it did not rain at all. On Monday I wore my newest pair of shoes: lovely leopard print flats that are probably more suitable as a pair of house slippers. I would never classify my self as a slave to fashion, but I am quite partial to animal print. Of course only a wee bit of animal print. I have a pair of leopard print tights (that I have owned for over 2 years and have never worn) and a headband that my girls wear. Of course I also have 2 or 3 other leopard print shoes, but they are in storage... Well on Monday it rained. By the time I walked the kids to school and I got to school, my cute, sexy shoes were wet. The water had soaked the bottoms of my jeans, and I did not get dry until I got home around 4. On Tuesday I wore another pair of flats- some leather peep toes that are quite suitable for walking, just not the rain. I left the house wearing them and a pair of sunglasses. Around noon it rained, and then after my last lecture it was sunny again and then it rained and then was sunny....
The colors of Glasgow are changing. Now the trees have pale green, yellow, orange and purple leaves.