Saturday, February 23, 2008

winter fun

I hate being cold. It is really miserable for me. I would rather be sweaty hot than freezing cold. I would rather toss and turn in the hot hot summer nights than the cold cold winter ones. But I live where it snows and winter always lasts longer than I want or remember. So we try to have fun and get through it. Last weekend we took the kids snowboarding up at Sundance. Leif and Emilia are about the same level and they stick together. Leif is little. He is about a head shorter than Emilia. One is goofy footed and the other is regular, so they have their comfortable side for riding the lift. Well, on their very first run, as they were getting ready to get on the lift, two older, and thus bigger, girls hurried to get on and in so doing, got on a little bit before Leif and Emilia. As they got on a head of my two, the lift chair swung up. Emilia got on, but Leif who is smaller, tried but the chair hit him at the arm pits. I was watching from afar and I could not do anything. The lift operators who were close and watching and didn't do anything. I watch and thought that any second Leif would fall onto a nice soft pile of powder. I finally heard one of the operators say to the other to stop the lift as it climbed higher and higher. By the time the lift was stopped, one of the older girls had lifted Leif to sitting position! I hoped that they had the idea to pull down the safety bar as they traveled on out of sight. They sat alone next few rides.

And of course what is best after being in the snow all day? Homemade cinnamon buns with vanilla- steamed (organic) milk and a soak in the tub.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Love Day!

I love my kids. Sometimes more than other times. I really love it when they are in bed asleep. Last night they just would not go to sleep. Yesterday evening Emilia discovered that she lost her "writer's olympic" paper for the second time. Writer's olympic is a writing contest at my kids' school and they have been working on their papers for about a month now. She was devastated. The paper is due tomorrow, Friday! Exasperated I told her, "Oh well, I guess you cannot enter!" So I sent her to bed. After stories and lights out, I kept hearing footsteps. I went up and found the three biggest in the bathroom with the light on and sent them to bed. A little bit later Richard did the same. And again and again. At one point Richard said that they would be in the Special Olympics if they didn't get enough sleep. So this morning on the way to school, Emilia held up a bunch of papers and said that she could now be in the Writer's Olympics. Atlas helped her rewrite her story! Having written it two times before, she dictated while Atlas wrote. Apparently Atlas writes faster! I love when the get along and help each other- that is when I love them the most!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Friday, February 8, 2008

share the love

So this is the weekend before Valentine's day... I have been busy! I have been making a mess- I mean crafting.

No baking this week. Next week I'll make the cabbage galette. This week it has been valentine banners and crowns. I had a fantastic birthday weekend. I am liking being out of town for my birthdays. Last year I was in Paris. How cool was that, it was my 31st b-day on the 31st of January! This year I got to leave town again. I spent a lovely weekend in San Diego joining Rich for a few days sans kids. Hot tubbing in the morning and later in the rain. We walked around Balboa Park and Old Town and Mission San Juan Capistrano. I love that my sister lives so close to everything. I even had sun. Bright blue sunny skies. Can you tell we are on vacation?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday

My neighbor just dropped these by and I put them up before she left! I have never before put a bumper sticker on my car.... I know this won't make the news, but I do live in the most Red state in the union!