Tuesday, August 24, 2010

San Francisco

We love being back in California- especially with the twist of being in the Northern part of the state. All the kids are back in school- we had a glitch getting Paris in with her bro in the neighborhood school, but it all worked out after much perseverance. Atlas and Emilia take the city bus across the city to school, but that is totally normal here and there are a few kids from the neighborhood who do the same. I started school too and life is back to crazy. Oh, it never stopped being crazy, but now it is a settled crazy.

We like our house. It reminds of us our Provo house (on the inside). The downside is that we have one toilet. The bathroom is split, so mornings aren't too bad- especially when we all wake at different times. Me being the first!

If I stand in the middle of the street in front of our house I can see the top of the Golden Gate Bridge. We have great fresh air with the ocean all around us. On most evenings we can see the fog roll down our street. It is eery and cool. The last fews days have been sunny, but mostly our neighborhood gets little sun. I am ok with it because where I go to school usually gets sunny by noon. And it hasn't rained... yet!

I like my classes. Having gone to school in Scotland has been an asset. So far it isn't THAT different. Teaching styles are different but the essence of the material is similar and it applies across the board. However, I may change my mind as the semester progresses!

Parking can be a nightmare- we have no allotted spot and two cars! I would love to get rid of one and get a garage for the other! Or get rid of both!

I actually like taking the bus to school everyday. It is really entertaining! I'll post on that next.

ps I know too long of a post and NOTHING to look at, but I just lost all of the pictures of the house, the rooms, kids going to school... gone. So I'll take some more sometime and the next post will be better! At least better on the eyes!