Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It is in full swing, but feels like it is over before it began! From jet-lag to apartment hunting and the back to business of returning 'home' after 2 years, I am in need of a vacation! Oh well. We move in into our super mico flat this Friday. It does have a shared back yard, but only one toilet!

Sister time has been great. The four of us got together for a few days when my cousin got married. The kids are in heaven- as always at my sister's and they all get on so well. I love it.

One day a friend of my sister's called and said that her neighbor's emu got loose and was being kept in her yard until the neighbor returned home. We went to check it out. Then two weeks later we bought 2 emu eggs from a road side stand. I drilled a hole (as per instructions) in the first egg to make an omelet and discover to my disgust that it was rotten. I have never smelled anything so foul! We were all gagging. Then when the second egg turned out fine, no one could stomach it.

It really has been a great 3 weeks:
swimming from dawn to midnight
mermaid tattoos
crickets in my bed
tree frogs in the house
baby lizards in the house
bbq turkey legs
catching turtles
catching sand crabs
the del mar fair
the zoo
the wild animal park
mariachi band
bon fires
and of course s'mores!
2 more weeks until my program starts... I'll do my best to post pictures of us familiarizing ourselves with our new home town in the next week.