Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I passed!

I passed all my exams... Total relief. And now I can REALLY relax (not really). We visited a castle- no surprise, but now we are "friends of Historic Scotland" and we'll be visiting a whole lot more! The best part of any castle (I think) is the grounds. Castles are usually built in the most beautiful spots and there are beautiful walks along streams and rivers and waterfalls. This castle in particular had wild foxgloves, bluebells and fields of ferns.

Here are the tutus that I made- just 15 of them. There were many more! And a self portrait of us walking into the city center.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


N. Ireland was beautiful. We stayed here

We had our own private beach and a little herd of cows.

My kids are brave. We hiked and crossed the rope bridge. I was ready to stay behind with Paris, but she didn't even consider not crossing. I was nervous, not being too fond of heights! On the way back- (we had to go back) Atlas was swinging it.

We went to the Giant's Causeway, something I have wanted to do since I was little.

Saw crazy murals, walled and fenced neighborhoods, and even watched a parade- it last hours and we got stuck in the middle of it and had to watch it! It was pro UK.

All in all it was fun and very cultural. It rained and we hiked in the mud. It was sunny and cool, but everyone swam in the Irish Sea (not me- I like it a bit more warm).Richard the human Ferry. We were looking for Puffins.

I am LOVING this little tool:

I've sewn 15 tutus and 14 mouse tails for the girls' ballet performance later this month. The little machine is great. I just might have to take this back to the states with me.

I am learning to play this:

I can play (sort of) and sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". My mom played the Ukulele and I have always wanted to. In 5th grade I sang in the talent show "Somewhere over the Rainbow" while my friend played the piano. My kids all know the song and we all try to sing while I try to play! Anyone know any good teach yourself how to play books? Youtube has been pretty good too!