Monday, April 4, 2011

Another Ending

I'll be finished with classes in just 2 (long? short?) weeks. Exams in 5. Graduation in 6. Today I told Rich that we were going out for lunch. I make plans for us and we almost never follow through- work, rain, work... so today I made a yummy lunch and told Rich again at noon that we were going out. He looked at me, rolled his eyes and siad really? really? as he rolled his head back. I stuck to my guns and we biked to the park a mere 5 minutes away and sat in the fantastically warm sun and ate a delicious lunch. I just wish we (I) had thought to bring our paddle ball set. Instead of playing we sat in the sun and relaxed. We really need to do this more often and not make excuses.

And I got a new bike a few months ago. A really new bike. I have been up-selling my bikes and now I have what I want. An Amsterdam. Biking was always fun, but I just turned it up a notch. Oh- and the compliments I get...


charles said...

That bike is so adorable--I want one, too!

David T. Macknet said...

Awesome! Congratulations on being so close to finishing!

Me, I've to submit a complete draft in May, and maybe submit a final draft in July, to have the viva in August. After that, it's whatever corrections need to be made, and off to who knows where.

Amsterdam is better and worse than Glasgow: it's foggy, but it's not filthy, and it's flat and has it's own bycicle lanes (complete with stoplights) so you can exist there without a car. The average Dutch person has 2 bikes: one for pleasure, one for everyday. So, I think that you'd get along nicely.

I know that you got an "Amsterdam" cycle ... but you should know that it's nothing like the hunks of junk that the Dutch use for everyday. :)

megan said...

i love your bike. and what a nice way to have lunch.